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RE: About the Illustrations for Your Stories...

Congratulations! You’ve written (or have the idea for) an inspiring, heartwarming story for children. You know the next step is the illustrations but that is ALSO the problem. You want your illustrations to tell your beloved story visually in a way that is fun and compelling. The problem is that you're not an artist and a professional illustrator is just too expensive right now. Or, perhaps you ARE an artist but just don’t have extra time to produce the illustrations yourself.
I Understand...and You’re NOT Alone!

When I worked as a book designer in the Publishing Industry, it seemed that nearly children's book author I talked with had the SAME hangup as you...the ILLUSTRATIONS! I knew a solution HAD to that ANYONE could use to create their OWN professional-looking story illustrations. 

Not long ago, I was thinking about this VERY problem while emptying some old boxes in my basement. I came across two graphic novels I had “illustrated” years ago using a specific design method and also re-discovered two test designs for comic book covers. I was experimenting with some new design methods that, well, didn't exactly win me any accolades back then.

That’s when tan idea hit me like a TON of bricks…

Those design experiments from years ago would work PERFECTLY for illustrating stories! After lots of experimenting and testing (several years worth), I was able to perfect easy-to-use methods that ANYONE could use to create as many illustrations for their children’s stories as they needed!
“That Discovery Changed Everything!”

Imagine FINALLY Being Able to...

    • Illustrate your ENTIRE children’s book in an afternoon with amazing-looking illustrations.
    • Work with many of the popular mediums like colored pencil, watercolor or oils WITHOUT
       having to learn how to draw or paint… or buy expensive supplies.
    • Draw from dozen’s of different illustration styles to establish your own “look.”
    • Tell your story visually in a way that will make you excited to show others!

Here Are a Few Examples of What I Mean...
As you can see, the styles vary quite a bit...and this is only a SMALL sampling of what you can create using the illustration methods I've perfected. The BEST part is that ANYONE can achieve results like this and more for their OWN stories...even YOU!
“An Invitation for YOU!”

I share these simple-to-use illustration strategies in a brand-new, beginner-friendly training. These methods are PERFECT for non-artists, aspiring creators and even design pros! I'm calling the training, “Illustrate Your Stories” and I have some special plans in store...
“Illustrate Your Stories!”

In this brand-new, 3-Module, game-changing training, I will be sharing... 
  • Module 1: Planning to Illustrate Your Story.
  • Module 2: Illustrate Your Story Using Digital Illustration Elements.
  • Module 3: Illustrate Your Story by Photographing Toys.
  • BONUS: “Scene Builders Master Bundle” Illustration Elements Collection
  • BONUS: All the Training Slides as Downloadable PDFs 
“Imagine Being Able to Illustrate Nearly ANY a Matter of Moments by YOU!”
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  • BONUS - “Scene Builders Master Bundle” A Massive Illustration Elements Collection
  • BONUS - All the Training Slides as Downloadable PDFs 
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